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Schlagwörter DeutschBildungswesen, internationale Zusammenarbeit, Bildungsforschung, Bildungspolitik
AbstraktTuning explores the feasibility of programmes of study based on the Bologna process in 5 fields of higher education studies (modularisation, credit transfer system, European core curricula, flexible open learning environments). In addition, Tuning analyses the relevance of higher education programmes confronted with demands of a knowledge driven society.15 case studies of innovative programmes of education studies in 15 European countries have been submitted and analysed.
MethodeConcrete policy recommendations have been developed.
Ergebnisse1) Most higher education fields of study (including educational science studies) may be characterised by a “European” common core (curriculum). This does apply to a limited extent only to teacher education studies which are characterised by “national peculiarities”. 2) Except teacher education main components of the Bologna process may be materialised without big difficulties. 3) The core curricula (in all fields of study) are confronted with difficulties as regards the materialisation of transferable skills. Existing curricula seem to be rather outdated focussing primarily on “academic subject knowledge”.
Erhebungstechniken und AuswahlverfahrenIn addition, the effectiveness of existing programmes of study in the education area has been analysed (survey, n=2700).
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