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AbstraktIn this study we present a model for the evaluation of coach trainings, which we observe as prototypical for further education programmes and which leads to "hard facts" of the effects and the quality of such trainings. The business community increasing demand for effective and reputable coaches gave rise to an also increasing number of commercial coaching courses. This in turn creates demand for means to identify the high quality and effective programmes from the available pool of courses. Consequently, sound evaluation approaches will become more and more important. However, up to now evaluations of trainings and seminars are mostly based on participants self reports following events. In this study we use a multifaceted form of examination and thus we refer to different theoretical concepts, e.g. knowledge and problem solving, personality, emotion theories and psychoanalytical concepts (sculpting-method).
MethodeWe use a multimethodological approach. The model builds on the evidence base surrounding the knowledge, skills and personality traits that mark a good coach. In order to follow their development during the training we selected psychological methods enabling us to chart individual changes in the course of a professional coach training.
ErgebnisseWork in progress.
Erhebungstechniken und AuswahlverfahrenUsing sculpting, case study, knowledge tests, personality instruments, computer based affect recognition tests and self-reports and others rating questionnaires we present a framework for evaluating professional coach training as a work in progress. These methods will be applied in a pre-post intervention design complemented by continued monitoring on participants of several different coach trainings.
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