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AbstraktToday career counsellors and job seekers are facing different challenges that globalisation, economic and demographic changes have brought to the labour market. Employers are looking for highly skilled, flexible individuals, team workers, good communicators. These competences are often the critical element of the recruitment process nowadays. Counsellors can significantly improve their services and enhance their own and the clients’ satisfaction by acquiring new skills and knowledge, by upgrading their services and also facilitating continuous learning processes in individuals-clients through making their competences more transparent.Project objectives are to (a) provide the counsellors with innovative, modern approaches with the help of quality tools and methods by integrating numerous innovative methodologies, approaches and products in a modern, ICT based system; (b) improve the quality of the guidance services and match them with labour market demands (competence model) to both counsellors’ and clients’ benefits; (c) improve the attractiveness and accessibility of guidance services (bring guidance closer to individuals in time and place...) and (d) enable tailor-made training for job seekers.
Erhebungstechniken und AuswahlverfahrenE.GUIDE will provide a new approach of counselling, but also a more efficient way to prepare the training of job seekers. By enhancing the transparency of competences and the facilitation of life long and life wide learning not only the counsellors’, but also the general employers’ and employees’ efficiency and satisfaction will be significantly increased.
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