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The project brings together European researchers in the fields of children's literature, language learning and translation. Its purpose is to gather together the trialling results of the BARFIE multicultural children's literature collection (EU Comenius funded project 2001-2004) and to explore ways in which BARFIE can further facilitate European integration. Its aim is to strengthen intercultural collaboration in an emerging field of practical research.


BARFIE is the first European network to begin to draw together all European projects on children's literature. It has provided a forum through which European project co-ordinators and partners have met and exchanged ideas about their work. It has focussed on intercultural and multilingual issues as well as common themes such as acceptance of difference and harmony/tolerance within societies. It has created a catalogue of intercultural books and a catalogue of intercultural projects. It has published online newsletters. It has the potential to become a virtual source for strengthening intercultural collaboration in this emerging field of practical research.

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Network of connecting institutions and professionals working in the field of children's literature.

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  • Razcheva-Stratieva, Lilia; Kleedorfer, Jutta; Morgada, Margarida; Cotton, Penni; Hennequin, Monique; Jankowski, Pjotr: Catalogue of European Books Assisting Intercultural Education. - KinderLiteraturHaus :Wien, 2004. (8.4.2011 nicht im Bibliothekenverbund)
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