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Ländercode Estland, Finnland, Österreich, Südkorea Sprachcode Deutsch, Englisch, Finnisch
Schlagwörter DeutschLehramt, LehrerInnenbildung, Austauschprogramm, Forschung, globale Erziehung
Schlagwörter Englischteacher training, exchange program, research, global education

KE-LeGe aims to promote competencies of global education for student teachers in Korea and EU countries. As in any other profession, education needs global influences as education aims to raise students who will live in the 21st century when globalisation is much more  inevitable. The main framework for KE-LeGE comes from the framework for 21st century students (Cisco, 2010): ways of thinking, ways of working, tools for working, and living in the world. Global educations in this project compromises two major approaches: the conventional UNESCO approach of international understanding and the global education approach which mainly pursues environmental sustainability in human society. Global education is a cross-cutting theme in society and connected to lifelong learning. For global education to be widely employed it is crucial to target future educational professionals who will be educating, collaborating and interacting with future citizens (Education for Global Responsibilities, 2007).

Three Korean and four European universities aim at the international exchange of students and teacher trainers in the project „Kor-EU Leaders for Global Education”. Major activities for this three year project (Dec. 2010 – 2013) are 1) exchange of 40 undergraduate students with focus on pedagogy from each consortium, 2) mobility program for 24 faculty members and 3) development of courses for global education. Korean students will spend 5 months at hosting institutes in Europe taking courses in global education, English, and the local language as part of cultural learning, and teaching practice at local schools. EU students will have a similar 4-month experience supported by local universities and communities. Students will be supported by cultural and linguistic education, and students’ services including housing, coaching, and social integration. In the long term the experience of developing and implementing global education courses together can lead to dual degree programs in the future.

10 teacher training students of the University of Innsbruck will have the chance to get to know practical and theoretical aspects of teacher training at three different universities in Korea. Students become aware of the different curricular and pedagogical aspects, especially in relation to global education and may apply this knowledge in practical teaching at schools in Korea.

In addition six faculty staff of the University of Innsbruck will have the opportunity to participate in joint research activities, workshops and lectures, resp. Korean researchers are invited to get to know the Austrian educational system with a specific focus on teacher training.





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