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In the Erasmus+ project called ICTHE, seven European partners representing educational NGOs, universities and museums, want to shed light on our common European history, the consequences of the Holocaust and what can happen when human rights and democracy are not upheld.

By studying the steps that led to the Holocaust, we want to make young students aware of how subtle changes in society can lead to horrible consequences, and elucidate the importance of taking action against discriminatory and racist attitudes. Our intention is also to improve and foster Holocaust and human rights education.

Together, the partners from Austria, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Sweden will develop an international tool for Holocaust Education.

The material in the tool will be based on filmed interviews with survivors. Through their stories, students will learn about Jewish life in Europe before and during World War II. They will follow the survivors from their childhood, during the time in ghettos and camps until liberation and thereafter.

The tool will preserve the testimonies from the Holocaust and the knowledge of this part of Europe’s history for future generations, and highlight what happens when democracy is undermined and human rights are violated.

In the Erasmus+ project ICTHE we will learn from each other and share best practices in order to develop a common pedagogical approach to Holocaust education, using evaluated methods and didactics of all partners. Our aim is to provide teachers with a digital tool in the local languages of all partners – a tool that is comprehensive, ready to use, accessible and free. We also want to reinforce teachers’ expertise about the Holocaust, the Roma genocide and other groups persecuted by the Nazi regime and enhance teachers’ knowledge about and ability to use digital materials.

The results of the project and the pedagogical tool will be presented to teachers and educators from different countries at an international conference in Warsaw, Poland, in the autumn 2019.


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