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The Austrian Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung and the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs are providing funds for research into the effectiveness of ELT in Austria in the framework of the IEA-Language Education Study. The project is headed by Prof. Kettemann of the University of Graz and carried out by three researchers (see National Report).

 IEA (The International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement) is conducting an international, comparative survey of language education in intermediate and higher secondary schools all over the world. The Language Education Study (LES) will provide:

 •    overview information on national policies on education in foreign, second,

      and minority languages in about 30 countries;

 •    descriptions of language curricula based on surveys of students, teachers,

      and schools representatives of educational systems in about 30 countries;

 •    descriptions, using internationally validated tests, of the communicative

      proficiency that students in about 20 countries achieve in English, French,

      German and other commonly taught languages at

    (1) the end of compulsory schooling and

    (2) upon completing secondary education;

 •    case studies of exemplary practices in language teaching and learning in

      about 15 countries;

 •    recommendations concerning needs and promising options for change in

      school language curricula for each participating country.

 LES will help the participating countries to promote the value of functional communicative competence in key languages, capitalize on resources and the highest levels of research expertise coordinated internationally, as well as learn about and critically analyze their own language education systems and current conditions for language learning. Results will be useful for governments, educators, businesses and industries, research, as well as language students and their families.

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