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Lifelong Learning /Programm Grundtvig, OEAD

In the language of social media LUTA means Let Us Talk Again. This meaning goes well with our project in which LUTA stands for the principle "Learn-Understand-Trust-Act“. This key idea has accompanied us during our two-year partnership and hopefully will continue to do so.

People of various social backgrounds are forced to become refugees, fleeing their homes because their lives are under threat. Even if they make it to the Schengen Zone – after a harrowing journey – bureaucratic hurdles await them. Quotas are negotiated at a national level, meaning that people in need of protection become mere numbers.

Our project has raised awareness of the importance of transforming those numbers back into people – people with their stories, which need to be heard.

Our key method was for adult learners to interview refugees and for these to be woven into a documentary.

Another important issue was the co-operation between different types of organisations: institutions for adult education, cultural institutions as well as refugee relief organisations. These different institutions provide a broad and range of expertise and experience, leading to a rich mutual learning process.


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