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AbstraktThe objective of the research is to gather emprical evidence about superior ways of organizing the likages and interfaces between higher education institutions (including research units) and private sector firms in order to optimize the flow of knowledge and information between them and thereby to spur industrial innovation. As such the project addresses important concerns of public policy makers, educators, university administrators and the business community alike. The project is designed as a cross-country comparative study, including data collection and expert interviews in six highly industrialized countries with different higher education systems and industrial specialization patterns: five state members of the EC (Austria, France, Germany, Portugal and the United Kingdom) and the United States (to some extent, the project will concern Japan). The industries selected for case study research include telecommunications, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry (including bio-technology), and the computer industry (hard- and software). For each country and industry, the chosen qualitative case study approach will concern one multinational corporation (foreign origin), one large national corporation and one medium-sited firm. (For Austria and Portugal, the research will only concern two firms (multinational and medium-sized).)The specific regions chosen for field research and data collection are in France, Lyon-Grenoble and Toulouse areas, in Germany, München and Stuttgart metropolitan areas, United Kingdom (Cambridge, North of England) and in the US, California, particulary Silicon Valley. Theoretically, the investigations will endeavour to concern several companies of the same corporation in different countries in order to master in the best possible way the specificities of the national linkages between higher education systems and private sector firms. On the basis of cuontry-reports, the comparisons will, in turn, provide the empirical foundation for elaborating development scenarios of one or more European models for ensuring a better alignment of higher education institutions with the requirements of industrial innovation.
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