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Abstrakt1) Analysis and comparison of wage and human capital structures and private returns to education between countries and within countries over time in order to uncover distinct trends as well as similarities and dissimilarities across countries; 2) Analysis of the impact of country-specific trends in educational returns of changes over time in underlying market forces (supply-side and demand-side factors); 3) Analysis of carefully differentiated measures of private returns by type and level of education in order to highlight and compare national systems of education; 4) Analysis of the structure and evolution of the national systems of education, admission rules and systems of financial support for school attendance to be used as an input in (5); 5) Analysis of the effects in differing systems of public funding and admission rules on private returns to education and on earnings inequality related to differences in educational attainment.
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  • Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf ; Fersterer, Josef : Are Austrian returns to education falling over time? : Bonn : IZA, 2003.
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