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AbstraktThrough the innovative training concepts and tools developed for and disseminated to VET-trainers the project contributes substantially to further develop the knowledge, skills and qualifications of VET-trainees in the area of cross cultural awareness and handling of cultural differences in educational and professional life. The project outcomes in the form of the e-manual will further develop the quality of all participating VET-institutions through dissemination of the manual to other VET-providers . This is achieved by an adaptation of existing training methods towards cross cultural suitability. A pilot institutional implementation will be undertaken to prove this fact.Cross cultural awareness, as well as knowledge and skills in this area substantially contribute towards facilitating mobility in VET as well as in working life. The project provides handouts and materials with which the attractiveness of VET-providers - especially for people with diverse cultural or country backgrounds - can be raised through better fitting courses to foreign target groups. The materials provided work on the level of jobless training, where typically many migrants are in the classroom as well as on the level of corporate trainings (internal or provided through VET-provider).
MethodeBased on the results recommendations for trainers and trainees in an multicultural environment will be prepared.
ErgebnisseThrough the above mentioned improvement of VET-provider quality and the increase in attractiveness by adopting culturally sensitive methods, mobility of VET-trainees and trainers will be supported to a high extent. People with increased cross cultural expertise will be more attractive to internationally acting corporations. This project transfers experience of many years from higher education to the vocational sector. This is done through the development of innovative learning concepts suitable for cross cultural classrooms and tailored to the needs of the VET-sector. Further the project transfers knowledge from Austria and Germany to countries where previously no activities in this field were undertaken.
Erhebungstechniken und AuswahlverfahrenSurveys in VET-courses and focus group interviews were executed and analysed.
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