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AbstraktAccording to the current socio-economic scenario, the “Innovative Concept for Internationalizing Companies” - the projects main goal is to develop the individual and organizational competences in supporting Romanian companies’ strategic and international competitiveness, also in terms of improved capacities in managing business environment changes and labour market evolvement in the internationalization context. The main objectives are to implement an innovative internationalizing companies; programme and to create job enrichment for increasing companies’ international activities - based on the dynamic transfer and adaptation of the “Internationalization Consulting” curriculum and on a methodology successfully developed and implemented in seven European countries during a previous Leonardo da Vinci-project partnership.The IC&IC builds bridges between different learning contexts and learning forms and facilitates access to individual pathways of learning. The project has impact both on individuals, knowledge and abilities development in the international companies area and on the Romanian companies’ strategic development. This project enables companies to know the international economical context features, to react strongly to the market threats, to become more dynamic and flexible and to operate successfully in this business environment.
MethodeThe original INCO curriculum (which serves as a background for IC&IC) contains two modules of management (International Project Management and Intercultural Management). The IC&IC curriculum contains these two modules and also other ones related to business management, conforming to Romanian companies; needs. The IC&IC provides employees and middle and top managers with knowledge about international companies in order to support them in their linking to other European companies, to cooperate, to merge and to face international competition.
ErgebnisseThe most important results are the innovative curriculum and the modern learning methodology (including e-learning) for international companies, for the Romanian vocational training system, according to identified specific needs, culture specific and requirements related to the new professional roles of supporting internationalization processes.
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