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AbstraktA clear strategic planning is the most important indicator for innovation and development processes, for a balanced growth and the strengthening of the company profile. Strategical planning provides a competitive advantage to enterprises. It allows not only to react to market fluctuations but also to analyse and develop medium and longer term concepts for entering new markets, developing new business models etc. which are bringing added value to the enterprise. Finally it is a requirement for innovation and safeguarding of jobs of the individual employees. In most medium sized and bigger enterprises the creation and implementation of strategic development processes is an important issue. But there is a lack in strategic planning in most small and micro enterprises (< 50 employees). Even if small enterprises have business plans, there is less evidence of strategic thinking in comparison to larger businesses.This observation is also supported by studies about the training needs of small and micro enterprises. The goal of the project Strategy-Train is to develop innovative learning models and (e-)learning content which is flexible enough to address the specific needs of the target group (e.g. time and place flexibility), which is adoptable and modular (e.g. different backgrounds, sectors) and reflects the practical needs of the end users. The learning models and content will consider strengths of on-site and e-learning (blended learning) and will include facilities for transnational virtual collaboration (virtual learning groups, study cycles and coaching).
MethodeA small study will be performed that serves as basis for the elaboration of the learning models and contents. The needs of small and micro enterprises will be assessed and analysed. A blended learning model combining on site and e-learning components will be elaborated which meets the needs of management staff in small enterprises. A modular curriculum for strategy training, learning materials and guidelines about these materials will be elaborated. The materials will include different modules which can be used as a whole programme or as single components to address specific needs.
ErgebnisseA survey in all participating countries was executed.
Erhebungstechniken und AuswahlverfahrenThe following list of steps of the project implementation shows the main interim results of the project: cross-cultural analyses, development of the learning model, elaboration of the Strategy-Train curriculum, learning content, implementation of the e-learning modules, pilot application and test cycles and development of the final Strategy-Train training programme
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