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In line with the UNECE statement, the CSCT project is intended to help teacher institutions finding their way to include interdisciplinary teaching methods relating to sustainable development in the teacher training curriculum. It takes into account scientific, economic, social, political, cultural and ethical aspects of sustainable development. Action Research in five different countries should lead to valid knowledge about the construction of European courses in the field of teacher training and EfSD (Education for Sustainable Development). A framework for a competency based curriculum for EfSD will be developed for initial teacher training and in-service training institutions. The framework can be adapted to the institutions’ local context and will contain competences, tasks and contents for a curriculum for EfSD. Different aspects of curriculum development on interdisciplinary teaching for SD will be included: developing, selecting and formulating objectives for EfSD, selecting, evaluating and developing appropriate materials, educational methodological approaches and concepts and teacher strategies, assessment methods, models of organization for the subjects within timetables, linking EfSD to the school policy… The main activities of the project include drafting and analysing case studies, the organisation of transnational workshops, where the curriculum models will be critically discussed and analysed, and setting up of try-outs of the developed framework in the teacher training institutions of the partners. The outcomes of evaluation an research will be published on the website of the Comenius 3 SEED-project and on the website of ENSI. They will also be available as a printed handbook, translated into the different languages of the project partners.

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