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The curriculum represents the core of a degree programme and guarantees to all students that they will graduate from the UAS BFI Vienna internationally and interculturally competent. Thus the internationalisation of the curriculum is at the heart of the project "Internationalising the Curriculum – Quality Assurance for International and Intercultural Competences".

International competency means having acquired the ability to adopt new perspectives, to perceive challenges and topics from various vantage points, and to understand that approaches and solutions in your own discipline may differ in other contexts and other parts of the world.

Intercultural competency, by contrast, means being able to think and act interculturally, i.e. to appreciate other cultures without being judgmental and to communicate and cooperate effectively and appropriately with people of various cultural backgrounds. Two dimensions will be considered in particular: Internationalisation at Home (IaH), which comprises all measures to acquire international and intercultural competencies at students’ home university, and Internationalisation Abroad, which consists of all measures to acquire international and intercultural experience through greater mobility. European mobility programmes are tailored especially to a young, flexible target group ready to go abroad for a longer period of time, and are thus not entirely sufficient to arrive at comprehensive internationalisation.


This project aims at anchoring internationalisation activities in teaching in a holistic and integrative manner. For this purpose, it focuses on three degree programmes which are quite advanced in their international orientation and display all facets of education at the UAS BFI Vienna. The project can be divided into four phases: preparation, implementation, check and dissemination of activities. In view of student-centered teaching and learning and an orientation towards learning results, it is central to define an internationalisation strategy for all involved degree programmes, and to define international and intercultural learning results and objectives. Reflection on contents and structure, and adaptation of teaching and learning contexts to the structures and learning objectives defined thus constitute the core of the project, and will be achieved by implementing tools and methods apt to grasping and communicating international and intercultural competencies. All this serves to create equal opportunities for all students, and is meant to provide for a comprehensive mediation of competences. Internal (e.g. evaluative research, milestones, Quality Management instruments) and external measures (external evaluation) will be used to review the success of the activities planned


In the final dissemination phase, the results will be presented to national and international audiences, along with internal documentation and dissemination. It is, in keeping with gender and diversity aspects, the aim of the project to facilitate international and intercultural experience not just to a privileged few (i.e. students who are mobile), but to provide students with internationalised curricula and IaH measures which do justice to the UAS motto “Where European Careers Start“.

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