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Schlagwörter DeutschEuropa, Lateinamerika , soziale Integration, kulturelle Entwicklung

EULAC Focus will conduct comprehensive, novel, and far-reaching research on the cultural, scientific, and social relations between Europe and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). Thereby we look into a wide array of past and current cooperation and initiatives, and survey the emergence of new strategic topics that are deemed crucial to future cooperation. The research will look into specific topics that, until now, have been analysed in a rather fragmented manner, and develop an overall and coherent understanding of the importance of the cultural, scientific, and social dimensions of the wider EU-CELAC partnership.

More specific objectives are:
1. To analyse in a historic and contemporary perspective the role of social and political actors and programmes in promoting cultural and scientific exchange, and social collaboration at the EU-CELAC biregional and bilateral levels.  This includes an assessment of the prevailing perceptions of the European model in CELAC.
2. Identify bright spots and asymmetries in past and ongoing cooperation, as well as proposing a set of high impact actions and initiatives to strengthen the cooperation. Emphasis will be on actions that conduct to social innovation and value through the involvement of civil society and other end users.
3. Addressing beneficiaries in both regions through dissemination of the research results, open source publications, and conferences, thus creating the grounds for a reinforced common vision both at the citizen and governmental and regional levels. Build partnerships for up-scaling and institutionalizing the high impact cultural, scientific, and social actions and initiatives identified throughout the project.

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Hauptkategorie(n)Soziales Umfeld (Gesellschaft, Kultur, Sprache und Religion)
Europäische Union
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