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Schlagwörter DeutschKMU, Internationalisierung, Perspektiven, Klein- und Mittelbetrieb, Small and Medium Enterprise, SME

SMEs are considered to play a vital role in today’s society and were considered to play it in the past, as well. With the progressing development of globalization, growing population, overall reduction of poverty, environmental pollution and other sensitive issues, we see a growing number of market opportunities to which SMEs may respond and from which can they also economically benefit, not only in the country where they are founded and active, but also across the borders. However, internalization of such companies might be sometimes a difficult task or even an impossible mission, or might be stopped or slowed down, among other scenarios. What are the issues SMEs are now tackling? How do SMEs perform in these times? These and many other interesting questions shall be seriously discussed and some of them can also be scientifically analyzed.

This project provides a framework in which students learn how to evaluate challenges SMEs face when wanting to go international and offer them strategies to approach a variety of such challenges. Discuss the challenges SMEs face in an internationalization process and outline trends and opportunities in a scientific paper that will be submitted for publication to a journal that is indexed in Scopus or better.

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