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Schlagwörter DeutschAAL, körperliche Aktivität, funktionale Fitness, intelligente Technologie
Schlagwörter Englischfunctional fitness, physical activity, AAL, smart technology

CareInMovement (CiM) addresses the European challenge of the increasing demand of long-term care accompanied by a shortage of formal and informal carers. Thus it aims at developing a comprehensive care solution applicable to in almost all European care systems. The underlying idea is based on empowering communities to care by promoting a standardized collaboration between the care recipient, formal and family carers. Additionally it intends to improve or at least maintain the current health status of older people at risk for cardiovascular and/or musculoskeletal diseases by enhancing daily physical activities with an individually tailored exercise program indoor and outdoor and by utilizing behaviour-change strategies.

Based on an Cooperation Aggreement  beteween the following scientific partners empirical data will be gathered, analysed and discussed:

  • University of Salzburg (PLUS) - consortial partner Ring-Dimitriou, Susanne
  • University of Economics (WU) - consortial partner Trukeschitz, Birgit
  • and Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft (SRFG) - consortial leader Schneider, Cornelia

Work package and tasks of the University of Salzburg, Department of Sport Science and Exercise (Ring-Dimitriou & Jungreitmayr):

  • Development of a low-threshold ICT-mediated Fitness Training concept,
  • Implementation of the fitness program
  • Development, education and completion of field testsl (CARIMO Test Box: Functional Fitness)
  • Evaluation of physical activity behaviour and functional fitness (WU-Questionnaire with PLUS-Items: Physical Activity, PLUS-Fitness Test Battery)
  • Dissemination by the whole consortium
  • Empirical study
  • Longitudinal controlled trial (focus on PLUS-Part)
  • Formative evaluation (development of field study design, target group specification)
  • Output- and Outcome Evaluation in regard to Sport Science (Usage of CARIMO, Stages of Change to be physically active, Physical Activity Volume, Functional Fitness Testing, Anthrompometric Data) by indirect (Questionnaiers) and direct (Motor Testing) measures.
  • Dissemination by the whole consortium

Empowering older people to improve functional fitness and physical activity level by using smart technology (Active Assisted Living, AAL).

Erhebungstechniken und Auswahlverfahren

Recruitement of participants via end-user organizations; screening based in inclusion and exclusion criteria as age, care-stage and mobility; indirect measures via questionnaires, direct measures via physical fitness/motor tests; descriptive and analytic statistics as logistic regressions and ANOVA with repeated measures.

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