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Ländercode Deutschland, Griechenland, Italien, Österreich, Schweden, Türkei Sprachcode Deutsch, Englisch
Schlagwörter DeutschSocial Inclusion
Schlagwörter Englischsocial inclusion

“Safer Places Hopeful Refugees” aims to develop the capacities of organisations dealing with migrant issues through an exchange of best practices within the transnational short joint staff training events and the transnational project meetings. The project is based on inclusive, transnational, best practice and cooperation enabling approach.

Through effective transnational and local communication and cooperation will contribute to the accessibility and dissemination of innovative ideas and activities on the issue of refugees. The refugees and asylum seekers through innovative activities and good practices will have a chance to be integrated easily and become accepted members of society.

The overall objective of the project is to increase of skills and abilities of people working in partner organisations, stakeholders, local authorities, struggling to respond to and meet all the humanitarian need that refugees face and contribute to the improvements and innovative practice for refugees and asylum seekers.

The project aims to raise awareness about refugees and their physiological and social needs with the aim of to change negative attitudes into positive ones. It also aims to promote an understanding of the situation of refugees, encourage citizens to take active role in facilitating the hospitality for people seeking protection and a better life.

The project will blend together organisations, stakeholders, NGOs, non-formal educations, as well as local self-governments and authorities together with target group (refugees and asylum seekers). Good relationship among project partners and stakeholders will create both local and international coordination mechanisms to create a successful network to provide resources for innovative and good practices.

With the workshops, seminars, learning short joint staff trainings, mobilities and all the activities carried out during the project process, the main aim is to enhance the skills and abilities, promote intercultural communication and international cooperation, facilitating social inclusion, strengthening solidarity at an international level and building networks at local, national and international levels.


A strong cooperation between local authorities, relevant institutions and NGOs will strengthen the local and regional network on the issue.
Local and regional authorities are key actors in the conception and implementation of common European policies, so establishing a strong network and cooperation between them widening the improvements for disadvantaged groups will contribute not only the local and regional dimension that also it will contribute national and European policy.
- Positive changes in the attitudes of local people towards the refugees and asylum seekers are expected.
- Raising awareness of local people about the refugees’ and their needs, will enhance the tolerance level of people and will contribute to the feeling of empathy.
- The successful presentation of the project at local and regional level also contribute to improvements for refugees and asylum seekers at national level, and will increase the number of people reached.
- Raising awareness of all members and generally all those involved in the project process for development and implementation of innovative improvements.
- A positive change in organisational capacity and increased resources are expected too.
- The staff members of the partners , involved in the project activities will acquire knowledge about multicultural awareness, different knowledge not only in national context but also in European context.
- Accessing of web- page of the project will provide intercultural communication and cooperation.
- Improving the professional and social skills of staff, or relevant people belonging to relevant organisations.


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