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The Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students’ Survey (GUESSS) project is an international collaboration to grasp entrepreneurial intentions and activities among students in different countries. The present study is based on previous waves of this survey. The International Survey on Collegiate Entrepreneurship (ISCE) 2006[ is the antecessor of the GUESSS surveys. GUESSS is based on cooperation between national representatives. Each representative is responsible for contacting universities and sponsors, for data collection and interpretation as well as for the analysis and report for his country. Since 2016, the GUESSS project is jointly organized by the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland, KMU-HSG/CFB-HSG) and the University of Bern (Switzerland, IMU). GUESSS 2016/17 was supported by the international project partner Ernst & Young. In 2016 50 countries participated in the anonymous web-based survey and the final response included questionnaires of 122,509 students.


Since its beginning, the country study for Austria has been carried out by the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Organizational Development at the Johannes Kepler University Linz. A special word of thanks is extended to the following organizations for their support: The Business Start-Up Service of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the Government of Upper Austria supported this project financially. To increase the response rate, vouchers sponsored by the Institute of Business Promotion (WIFI) Austria and the business magazine “Die Macher” were raffled among the participants.




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A critical success factor of a web-based questionnaire is the general accessibility of students via e-mail as well as the willingness of the universities to inform as many students as possible of the survey. The rectors, the vice rectors of academic affairs of universities and the managing directors and programme directors of the universities of applied science have been contacted by email and/or by telephone and have been asked to encourage the students via round mail to complete the questionnaire. In most cases an e-mail with a short introduction of the project and a link to the online survey was sent to students. Nevertheless in many cases there remains a lack of information to which extent the students have been informed about the study at all and whether the information was given directly via mail or through a newsletter. As in the former surveys marked differences in the return rate of participating countries as well as between universities of each country could be observed. This has to be kept in mind when trying to make any comparisons between countries or universities.

The Austrian report is based on 3,755 questionnaires from students from 23 Austrian universities and universities of applied sciences. This amount has been nearly the same as in GUESSS 2013.


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  • National Report Austria GUESSS 2017 sowie Länderbericht Österreich GUESSS 2017 (Kurzzusammenfassung) siehe attachment
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