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Ländercode Österreich Sprachcode Deutsch
Schlagwörter DeutscheLearning, Online-Lab

The project targets the broad area of Electrical Engineering, and, within it, the subject of circuit theory and practice. It aims to define, develop and evaluate a set of educational modules comprising hands-on, virtual and remote experiments, the later supported by a remote lab named Virtual Instruments System in Reality (VISIR). The nature of each experiments has an impact on the students' perception of circuits' behavior, being therefore mandatory to understand how these different learning objects can be arranged together in order to scaffold their understanding in increase their laboratory-based skills. This is concern of the underpinning teaching and learning methodology. favoring in particular the students' autonomy for discovering how circuits work, through an inquiry-based approach. VISIR+ brings together the power of the best remote lab for experiments with electrical and electronics circuits and the long history of collaboration among the consortium partners.

Hauptkategorie(n)Lehren und Lernen (Prozesse und Methoden)
Bildungsinhalt (Themenfeld)
Information, Kommunikation, Statistik
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